Luv. Story


What is Luv.?

A vast selection of specially crafted art and products, Luv. is a one-stop online shop if you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift. Connecting artists, consumers, and charities, Luv. provides a platform where exclusive products generate awareness and support a cause. From jewelry, to houseware, to ceramics, to stationary, to glass art, to accessories, and more, all products  have been specifically created for and are exclusive to Luv.

Teaming up with artists from across North America and a couple of international initiatives, Luv. products are all hand-crafted, high quality, low environmental footprint pieces infused with love and produced by artists who are mindful about the world around them. Working with artists to create designs that are outside of the artists’ normal line and exclusive for Luv. consumers, sets us apart. In addition, each of our collections will be connected to a specific cause. For our first original collection, we will be supporting 5 International children-related charities, UNICEF, Feed The Children, Save the Children, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and War Child. The collection will include over 80 products. The type of charities supported by Luv.  will change with each collection. There will be two collections per year.

Considered a social enterprise for change, Luv. is a community of artists and individuals who care about making a difference in the world. Giving consciously in today’s society is ever-more important. It allows people to give with purpose and help others in return. Luv. believes that people are less concerned about brands and more concerned about the impact the products they buy have on the world around them. All Luv. products have been made with special attention. Attaching  each product to a charity encompasses the idea of paying it forward. We like to think of it as paying it forward with Luv. The driving force behind Luv. is inspiring gestures and thoughts of love and giving because we believe that adds value to everyone’s life.

Luv.’s Inception:

Founded by designer, artist, and entrepreneur Tracey Young, Luv. has been a passion project from the very beginning. In search of her next mission, Tracey knew she had to combine a business concept that went beyond simply selling products. An experienced and lifelong entrepreneur, Tracey Young wanted her next venture to be something that encompassed passion and the core of who she is. A giving, nurturing, compassionate, and loving individual at heart, Tracey wants to share that love and passion with others. Working with artists to create special, unique pieces while giving back to charity is what Tracey knew she wanted to build this business on.

Experiencing many trials and tribulations in her life both as a child and adult, Tracey’s way of coping through the rough times was depending on the one thing that gets everyone through difficulties- receiving and giving love. The power of love was also a constant and a source of inspiration through the good times in her life. It was upon reflecting on this that she had an epiphany that would bring her to her next entrepreneurial journey- creating Luv.


What Does Luv. Stand For?

Inspired by words that got Tracey Young through hardships in her life, she came up with the words Love, Unconditionally, Veraciously, Period. This was a note to herself that she often referred to when getting caught up in the negativity that often surrounds us. And so, that’s how Luv. was born. Love, Unconditionally, Veraciously, Period = Luv.

How it Works:

With each purchase of a Luv. product, consumers will have the option of deciding which of the 5 charities they want their purchase to go towards. This makes Luv. a truly interactive experience that goes beyond a simple purchase. Committed to giving, Luv. will donate 50% of net profits to the charity of the consumer’s choice. Products purchased through Luv. gives you the power to decide which charity you want your money to support. This allows you to make a difference like no other. The other 50% will be re-invested into the Luv. initiative so we can continue to grow our company and support our community of artists, team members, and consumers.

By connecting artists and their products to customers and charities, Luv. believes this in itself starts a dialogue. The art inspires conversation to begin and grow, creating a social movement. While the Luv. story has just begun, we believe that love is the driver of all great stories. And like all great things, the foundation that holds it together is the love and passion that goes into it.

Extra Special Touch with Each Purchase:

At Luv. we’re all about going that extra mile to make our products even more special. All pieces purchased through Luv. come beautifully packaged, so much so that you will love the box as much as the item inside it! On top of that, with each Luv. purchase, every package will include a special gift that we hope you will pass on to someone else so that your purchase and gift keeps on giving.

Why Choose Luv.?

People are always buying gifts whether for others on various occasions or even just to treat yourself, so why not choose something that you can’t find anywhere else and make that gift something truly inimitable, all while giving back to charity? A Luv. purchase goes beyond a simple gift, it’s a full circle of giving infused with some TLC. At Luv. our hope is to raise and donate a million dollars to charities within the next 10 years and to inspire acts of kindness filled with love and positivity.

Simple gestures go a long way with Luv. So why not spread some today?