The Luv. Bud Project | Pass it On

An Extra Special Touch with Each Purchase

At Luv. we’re all about going that extra mile to make our products even more special. All pieces purchased through Luv. come beautifully packaged, so much so that you will love the box as much as the item inside it! On top of that, with each Luv. purchase, every package will include a special gift that we hope you will pass on to someone else so that your purchase and gift keeps on giving.

‘Luv. Buds’ were formed through a collective passion for love and life. Is there any better feeling than knowing you have made someone else’ day? Passing the happiness and making someone smile – that is what life is all about. 

Imagine the impact your little act of kindness could have - spreading out and touching the lives of a possible endless amount of people. Your little gift making someone happy, someone who then helps a stranger or hugs a friend just because. Your kind gesture can turn someone’s day around.

A Luv. purchase goes beyond a simple gift, it’s a full circle of giving infused with some TLC. At Luv. our hope is to raise and donate a million dollars to charities within the next 10 years and to inspire acts of kindness filled with love and positivity. Simple gestures go a long way with Luv. So why not spread some today?

How to Care for Your Luv. Buds: 

Each luv. bud is made from handmade paper embedded with seeds. Place the coins ½ an inch below the soil’s surface and water until moist. Your coins may grow basil, mint, parsley, oregano or wildflower mix – it’s a surprise! But wait, before you plant them can you solve the puzzle? Your Luv. buds form a meaningful quote. Snap a photo and share it with us! 

Share your Luv. Bud's journey with us @wecreateluv #createluv.