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35 Easy Ways To Be A Kinder Person

In today's busy and super charged digital world we get so caught up in our lives that we forget to show others how much we care about them. Kindness is often a pretty simple thing to spread in the world. But we sometimes forget about it. Or don’t remember how it can help us all. The world can use more kind, gentle, compassionate people. Kindness makes us feel good and alive. Kindness helps spread positivity. Kindness is a form of love.

Everywhere we go we should leave a glitter trail of kindness behind us. Here are 35 easy ways to become a kinder person and spread positivity: 

1. Say hello and smile to everyone you meet.

A smile doesn't cost you a thing but it can mean the world to someone. That split second of your time will put a smile on someone else’s face and joy and motivation in her heart. A smile is the most powerful accessory you can wear. Never leave the house without it. 

2. Pay for a stranger

When you grab your morning coffee or meal today, buy an extra coffee or meal and give it to a stranger. You can give it to a person in need or surprise the person behind you in line. It only costs you a few extra dollars and will warms that persons heart, as well as your own.

3. Say please and thank you

Good manners are always in style. Listen to your mother and never forget to say please and thank you. Be generous. Good manners convey respect and consideration to those you interact with. Good manners are not about following a book of rules, rather a measure of how polite and kind you are in your interactions with others. 

4. Help someone without expectation

It is easy to remember and to feel motivated to express kindness when someone is going through a hard time or celebrating an exciting life milestone. But also remember to express kindness for the simple things, maybe that's an employee who works hard or your significant other who's always there for you. A random act of kindness doesn’t cost you much (most times nothing at all) but it can change someone’s life. People will never forget how you made them feel. 

5. Forgive

Forgiveness is no easy task. Most of us have experienced hurt that dig deeps into the soul of who we are. As humans we are designed to need love, affection and interaction with others, and when those relationships go awry, we get hurt. But the reality is, there simply isn’t time to hold grudges and anger, after all we only have a limited amount of time. And that time shouldn’t be wasted on anger. The person it hurts the most is you. Forgive and forget. The first person you will set free is yourself.

6.Give up your seat on the train or bus

Stand up and give an elderly, a pregnant lady, a child or just a tired person your seat. You will make someone's day, and burn some calories at the same time, it's a win-win. 

7. Listen

Simple but powerful. Most of us forget the reason we have two ears. Listening is a form of appreciation. By showing genuine interest in others and talking about the things they treasure most you spread kindness. It is one of the surest ways of reaching out to others. It can heal the speaker as well as the listener. Try to talk less and listen more. You will learn a lot more about others. Listen with all of your heart. Then you will understand! 

8. Spread gossip in a kind way

Tell people how amazing someone is by spreading good words. This is the best way to introduce people. Instead of sharing what people do, tell everyone why they are amazing when you introduce them. 

9. Tell someone that they did a great job

We often forget to do this. Two words, eight letters. It is very simple but powerful. One of the most influential forms of human communications is praise. We are surrounded by opportunities to use it — in the workplace, in family life, in volunteering — and when we do it, it makes the receiver feel on top of the world. Praise is good anytime, but do it in front of others or the person's boss to share their amazingness. 

10. Write someone a referral

Your letter might help them get a very important job, maybe an entire family relies on it, and maybe it doesn't. Either way it only takes you a few minutes but it can change someone’s life. 

11. Tell someone “I love you”

Do it everyday. Do it often. 

12. Live each day as if it were your last & enjoy it

We often get so caught up in daily life that we lose sight of what really matters. When faced with the quote “live each day as if it were your last”, people often think about extreme bucket list adventures – jump from a plane, shark diving, running with the bulls. However, living each day as if it were your last is not about recklessness. Rather, it is about living each day as if it matters. If you only had 24 hours to show how much you love and care about people, you would do everything to make them happy. Do that every.single.day.  

13. Send someone a card

In today's digital world, people don’t send handwritten notes much. Everyone feels very special when they get a written card. Surprise someone with a birthday, thank you or just because card. If you had lunch with someone, send them a card and tell him or her how much you enjoyed their company. 

14. Buy someone a gift for no reason

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is the future, and today is the present. Everyday is the right day to give. Giving someone a unique and thoughtful gift without a reason shows how much you care about them. To make your gift extra special, seek social good products. At Luv., for every product you purchase, we donate 50% of our net profits to the charity of your choice.

15. Lend someone a hand

If you see someone who is struggling at a grocery store or while doing an activity, offer to help.

16. Talk to someone who is struggling with socializing

It is just small talk but it will give the person more confidence. Plus, you never know what life-changing conversion you may have with them.

17. Hide a note

Put a love note in your spouse’s work bag or child’s lunch box. It will put a smile on their face.

18. Back a crowdfunding campaign

Invest in someone’s dream on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Show people that someone is believing in them and their dreams.

19. Call someone who you haven’t talked to in a while

Let the person know that you’ve been thinking about them. Sometimes we are too busy with our lives and forget to tell others how special they are.

20. Donate your used clothes, books and furniture

Someone’s trash can be another's treasure. Clothing and other household items require a lot of resources to be made and sending your unwanted items to the landfill decreases the lifespan of those products. Your items could be worn/used by someone else or repurposed to avoid putting new materials into circulation. By extending the life of goods you're helping others and the environment. 

21. Be kind to someone you dislike

Say hello and smile. You may start a new and unexpected friendship.

22. Donate blood

For you, it's just a few moments out of your day but for patients in need, it may save their life. Needle shy? Don't be scared, it really is a simple, safe and painless procedure. Don’t forget to share your experience and encourage other people to donate too.

23. Start a blog and share your experience

Tell your story and share your experience. You will meet people who have similar experiences. People often feel lonely. When you share your experience, it helps them realize they are not alone. 

24. Leave a generous tip

You are bound to make someone's day when you tip more than expected.

25. Donate your expertise to someone in need

If you are a marketer, maybe give a few hours consultation to a new entrepreneur who cannot afford you. The right knowledge can help people save time and progress foward achieving their goals. 

26. Always keep your word

Arrive on time. Do what you say. Keep your promise. This is one of the kindest things you can do. It shows, integrity, trust, reliability and respect.

27. Use less energy

Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Unplug your devices when you don’t use them. Walk whenever you can. Small actions can help reduce your carbon footprint, and your energy bills at the same time.

28. Be honest

Be honest to yourself and to others. Honesty allows us to live a simplified and pure life.  Honesty is not just the best policy for simplicity, it is the only policy. True simplicity is unattainable without it. And that’s the truth! 

29. Save water

There are many parts of the world experiencing water shortages. Everyone should only use as much water as needed and avoid wastage at all costs. Take a shorter shower. Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth. Learn how to wash your dishes the right way. Little changes in your daily routine can have a powerful impact. 

30. Think before you speak (or write)

Pause. Consider how the person (or audience) to whom you are speaking may react to your words. Being controversial, debating and expressing our opinions is great. But we can intend to do so in an open-minded, thoughtful, respectful way.

31. Adopt a pet

Adopt instead of buying. Adoption helps stop pet overpopulation; save lives and gives animals a second chance. Adopting from a shelter is an act of rescue and love. It is a good dead for you, the shelter, but most importantly for the animal who needs you. Luv.'s founder, Tracey, recently adopted Miss Kaylee, a beautiful rescue kitty, we can't get enough of this cute face! Visit the SPCA and find your new best friend. If you aren't ready to adopt be a pet volunteer at the shelter or help someone by petsitting for a day.

32. Add an act of kindness to your bucket list

It is impossible to be too kind. Always remind yourself to be kinder everyday and all the time.

33. Volunteer your time

Most people don’t know that NPOs often needs experts more than donations. It is very hard for not-for-profit organizations to compete with the private sector for the best talent in the market. It is important to volunteer your time and provide them the expertise they need in order to achieve their goals of making the world a better place for all. 

34. Be kind to yourself

If you want to be kind to people, you must start by being kind to yourself. In the morning, look into the mirror and give yourself some love. The happiness you feel from these affirmations will help spread positive vibes into the universe, benefiting both yourself and others. 

35. Leave a Comment

A comment means the world to a writer. If an article impacts you, share that with the author in the comments. It is always nice to know that people enjoy the content. 

Please share how you inspire acts of kindness in the comments below :)

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Sep 04, 2015

Great article with easy, practical suggestions. What a beautiful world we are building. :)


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