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22 Unexpected Gifts to Give Your Best Friend

When a holiday or a best friend's birthday comes around, it can sometimes be difficult to find a beautiful and unique gift for them. Your bestie has been with you through the best and worst of times, haven’t they? That is why it's so rewarding and exciting when you find the perfect gift for them. But the question is, where is that perfect gift hiding?

Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful and unique gifts out there, it's just a matter of finding them. To help narrow down your search for the perfect gift, we've compiled a list of 22 Unexpected Gifts to Get Your Best Friend.


1) Quiet Luv. Set

Use this facial set to bond with your bestie during a relaxing at home spa day! The Quiet Luv. Set is the perfect gift for a best friend who loves to kick back, relax and enjoy a little pampering. 

2) Priti NYC Bali Kit

Get your best friend nail polish from Priti NYC! Priti NYC creates beautiful nail polish colors using organic ingredients. This is a great gift because it allows your gal pal to paint her nails with nail polish made from organic ingredients instead of the usual toxin filled nail polishes. 

3) Limited Edition Luv. Scarf

This scarf would make a wonderful gift for the best friend who loves fashion and trend-setting. Liven up a business day look, add a pop of color to a coat or simply accessorize a beautiful outfit with this beautiful silk scarf. This limited edition piece is sure to turn heads! 

4) Textured Indigo & 1940’s Rose Necktie

The General Knot and Co. makes unique ties using rare and vintage fabrics from around the world. This is the perfect gift for the best friend that likes to dress up from time to time using more original and unique pieces.

5) Tea Luv. Set

If you have a best friend who loves her tea, then this is the gift for them! This tea set comes with 5 different vials of tea, all of which are organic and taste great! They also double as a cooking spice. 

6) The Classic Blue: Brown Leather Camera Strap

If you have a best friend who loves photography then a camera strap from Le Jolie Laide is the perfect gift. These straps are made using leather produced by local Canadian industries and each one is made with comfort and quality in mind. This is a very unique and thoughtful gift that your best friend is sure to love! 

7) Scent of Luv. Candle

This candle is perfect for the more laid back best friend, it gives off a beautiful ambiance, but is also organic so it doesn’t burn toxins into the air. All of Westborough Wicks’ candles are hand-poured, vegan and of the highest quality. 

8) La Playa  Blanket

A blanket from Give Perf is a great gift to give to your best friend. These blankets are warm and cozy and each one is hand woven on in-home looms in Mexico.

9) Luv. Gift Card

The Luv. Gift Card is a great gift for those more hard to please best friends. When you give someone a gift card, you're essentially putting down the funds to let them buy whatever present they want, and who doesn't like that!? 


10) Joy Juice Perfume

Get your best friend perfume from Lotuswei. The Joy juice perfume is made with organic essential oils with transformative flower essences that promote joy and laughter

11) Grow Luv. Set

If you have a best friend that has a green thumb and loves gardening, then this is the gift for them! With this set, your best friend can grow our Luv. Buds in a precious little vintage tea cup.

12) Naked Eye Cosmetics

Your best friend is beautiful no matter what, but if they insist on wearing makeup, then makeup from Naked Eye Beauty would be a great gift to get them. They use natural ingredients so this makeup will be good for your best friend’s skin.

13) Remember Luv. Sign

This handmade black, bronze wire Luv. sign will give your bestie a constant reminder of how you love them. With this sign up in their home, they will always have a piece of you with them! 

14) Cabane à Sucre Shea Butter Salve

Body butter from Smells Like Canada is a great gift for your best friend, especially if she is Canadian! Smells Like Canada creates organic body butters inspired by the beauty of Canada.

15) Luv. Notes Ball

Give your best friend the Luv. Notes Ball so they can write down positive affirmations daily, put them inside their Luv. Notes Ball and be reminded of how great they are. It’s the perfect gift for that amazing best friend who sometimes forgets just how special they are. 

16) Long Wallet

Get your best friend a handmade leather wallet from Fitzy! Each wallet is handmade using 100% vegetable tanned leather and solid brass wear, so this gift will last a lifetime! Not to mention, each wallet has a cool, modern style to it.

17) Nature Luv. Stones (Gratitude + Luv.)

The Nature Luv. Stones are beautiful decorative pieces that add a little Feng Shui to the home. This makes them perfect for your more spiritually aware best friend. Give your best friend the stones that say Gratitude and Luv. on them to express how much you love and appreciate their friendship.

18) Floral Ganesh Art Print

If your best friend appreciates art, then a print from from Meera Lee Patel would be the perfect gift for her. This particular print depicts the Hindu deity Ganesha who is the bearer of good omens and will remove obstacles from your best friend’s path.

19)  Luv. Present Ring

This ring is a sweet little gift for your best friend who like to accessorize, but in a more subtle way. It’s a beautiful, yet simple piece that suits many different styles and tastes. 

20) Chevron Phone Case

Does your best friend drop her phone a lot? Does she loves assescorizing? If yes, you chould check Field trip's stylish range of phone cases. These cases will not only keep her phone safe, but looking super cool. 

21) Luv. Connections Earrings

These earrings represent the connections we make with the people around us, making them a thoughtful gift for a close friend. Think of them as a little reminder of lifes amazing encounters and your unbreakable bond and connection to your bff. 

22) 2015 Weekly Planner + Notebook

If your best friend likes to stay organized or just likes to write in general, then a notebook or day planner from Sarah Pinto would make a great gift. Each notebook and weekly planner was designed with convenience and style in mind.

The perfect gift for a best friend isn’t always easy to find, but once you do find that perfect gift for them and see their faces light up as you give that gift to them, the endless searching becomes worth it. Hopefully this breakdown helps you track down that perfect gift. Which do you think your friend would like best?  

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